Sample Legal Forms

Whether you’re just starting your limited liability company (LLC) or expanding your team, there are several LLC forms you will need throughout the life of your business. From an Operating Agreement to employee contracts, these are the free LLC legal forms every business needs. 

Sample Operating Agreement 

An LLC Operating Agreement isn’t required in all states, but it’s still good practice to have one. This document outlines the roles and responsibilities of all LLC owners, their ownership percentages, and the operating procedures for your business. The type of Operating Agreement you create will depend on the number of LLC owners and your management structure

Single-Member Operating Agreement 

If your LLC only has one member, you will need to create a single-member LLC Operating Agreement to secure limited liability status. On this form, you don’t need to include information about voting rights or meeting frequency because you will be the sole member. However, you may plan to add these details in the future. 

Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement 

If your LLC is member-managed, you will need an Operating Agreement that reflects this. This agreement will differ from the single-member Operating Agreement in that it will include information about the roles and responsibilities of each member, profit share amounts, and procedures for decision-making.  

Manager-Managed LLC Operating Agreement 

A manager-managed LLC Operating Agreement differs from a member-managed version because the LLC has chosen an individual or group to manage the business’s operations. This should be disclosed in the LLC Operating Agreement as well as information on the roles, powers, and duties of the managers.  

LLC Resolution Templates 

LLC resolutions record key decisions made by members and managers of the LLC. These forms are essential for documenting actions that go beyond everyday business, ensuring all significant decisions are made transparently and in line with the LLC’s Operating Agreement. 

LLC Resolution 

An LLC resolution form is used to document major decisions or actions beyond daily operations, such as buying property or altering the management structure. It ensures decisions are made in accordance with the LLC’s rules, providing legal and financial transparency.

LLC Banking Resolution 

An LLC banking resolution is necessary when the business sets up or changes bank accounts, or authorizes individuals for banking activities on the LLC’s behalf. It verifies to banks that these individuals are authorized, safeguarding the LLC’s financial interests.

LLC Hiring Forms 

As you grow your team, you will need multiple forms to onboard new team members. These include employee contracts, independent contractor service agreements (ICSAs), and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Employment Contract

An employment contract for an LLC outlines the terms of employment, including an employee’s roles, responsibilities, salary, and benefits. It creates a formal employment relationship, ensuring clarity on job expectations, duration, and conditions of employment to protect both the LLC’s and the employee’s interests.

Independent Contractor Service Agreement

An ICSA specifies the terms under which a contractor will perform services for an LLC. It distinguishes the contractor from an employee, detailing the project scope, payment terms, and duration — crucial for tax purposes and to clarify the nature of the professional relationship.

Non-Disclosure Agreement 

An NDA is used by LLCs to protect sensitive information. When engaging with employees, contractors, or third parties, an NDA ensures confidential business details are not disclosed to safeguard the LLC’s proprietary information and competitive edge.